About Dr. Matt Shiver's Team

Who We Help

We help impact driven health coaches and clinicians grow their online coaching businesses.

That have the desire to have their message spread to impact more lives.

That deliver incredible results to their clients already and want to scale their business to the next level through systems and building a remote team to work with them.

That want time & financial freedom to travel, live a health conscious life, and have fun running a business that impacts the world in a positive way.

What We Do

We help these coaches achieve “time & financial freedom” with a business that makes $50k+/month, with 1-2 offers, 2-3 remote staff, simple systems, and repeatable processes.

We do this through our flagship offer - The Growth Accelerator.

We help coaches build a LEAN team, keep overhead low, and have fun running a business that impacts their clients lives.

By helping our clients achieve this level of success, they are able to improve the health of the world by sharing valuable content that really makes a difference in people's lives.

Our Philosophy

We help our clients achieve "time & financial freedom" by creating predictable lead generation systems & fulfillment systems that leverages simplicity while giving clients the best results possible.

  1. Results - we guarantee results.

  2. Efficiency - do more with less.

  3. Freedom - personal life before business.

  4. Systems - processes that scale.

  5. Sustainability - be consistent.

  6. Fun - we love what we do.

  1. Results - we guarantee results.

  2. Efficiency - do more with less.

  3. Freedom - personal life before business.

  1. Systems - processes that scale.

  2. Impact - we improve the world's health.

  3. Fun - we love what we do.

Dr. Matt's Story

Dr. Matt Shiver started his online coaching business in 2015. He was coaching competitive weightlifting & powerlifting athletes to compete in local and national competitions.

While studying Physical Therapy Full-Time at Duke University he was mentored under Travis Mash and was coached by Glenn Pendlay.

As he approached graduation for Physical Therapy School, he realized that working as an in-person Physical Therapist was going to limit his potential impact on the world and was going to keep him working 9-5 in the same city... and he wanted to travel.

By this time, he had been coaching online for 4 years and knew that building an online business was going to allow him have a big impact while giving him the "time and financial freedom" he was looking for.

Yet there was a problem...

He didn't know how to get more leads and grow his business...

Prior to this point, he was getting clients from word of mouth referral, and he had NO online presence

No social media following... No website... No plan besides "just post every day"...

And after "posting everyday" he was left with a giant "0" in new sales for 3 months in a row

He was frustrated and started looking for other options

He stumbled across the concept of "sales funnels" and "paid advertising"...

At first he was extremely nervous as he had heard "it was risky" and "he should focus on organic first"

Even though others were telling him to wait... he gave it a shot... and he sure was glad he did!

Within 90 days, his business doubled

He went from making just $3,000 a month to $6,000 in 90 days working online

He kept fine tuning the strategy letting the "data" make the decisions for him

12 months later, he was bringing in $12,000 PROFIT every month

Quickly he started sharing what he was doing with other coaches to help them with their businesses.

They too were able to see massive results in increasing the number of leads, new clients, and the results that their clients were experiencing also improved.

This led Dr. Matt to developing the "Coach's Growth Accelerator" to provide the skills and tools he has been using over the last 7 years working online to more coaches who want to have a bigger impact.

Dr. Matt has help companies scale beyond the 7-figure mark, have multiple 6-figure launches, and even helped several newer coaches exceed the $10,000/mo mark within 6 weeks of working together.

Dr. Matt lives in Austin, TX now and spends time traveling the world with his girlfriend (who is also an online coach) and their 2 golden retrievers (Lily and Jax).

When he isn't helping coaches build their business, he loves to workout, hike, do yoga & breathwork, and drink coffee while catching up with friends!

Contacting Us

The best way to contact us is to fill out the contact us form below

You can follow Dr. Matt on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/drmattshiver/